KSR have been using brass and zinc raw materials, producing nail and sewing buttons, all kinds of rivets, eyelets, snap fasteners and other metal accessories for the denim industry, and ship them to 42 different countries in 5 continents since 1997.
As you know, not every company that can produce a quality product is a quality company. KSR gives priority firm quality firstly. Thus, it provide continuity and the same quality in every product. Also KSR provides minimum consumption and maximum production efficiency with its sensitivity on sustainability and ecological balance too. It offers you a guarantee of quality with confidence. Moreover, with a high level of quality at reasonable prices…

Our Distinctive Features


Computer infrastructure manufacturing, the margin of mistake is almost none with CNC, CAD / CAE, AS / RS components.


Our design team is ready to support you at every step with creative 3D models suitable for actual trends.

Quality Management

Our facilities have two-stage quality control from raw material input to the exit of finished products.

Sustainability Awareness

Our primary goal is to give importance to ecological values before and after production, which are compatible with environmental balances at every step.


Always Just In Time

We produce only the required products, on time in the required quantities on time. In this way, we prevent waste.

Manufacturing Capacity

Over 4.5 billion products have been produced in our facilities as of 2020, and these numbers are steadily increasing every year!