KSR has been consistently designing, developing and manufacturing metal products for clothing and leather accessories for the fashion world for 24 years and serving many established brands all over the world.


We always provide the designing support to you for all the metal accessories you need.


We can produce fast many accessories for the Denim sector with Brass and Zinc qualities.


We ensure and certificate sustainability at every our process.

Our passion is about Denim Innovation

Having original accessories
undoubtedly adds value to product.

Operating in metal accessories industry since 1998, has targeted permanency in its market and acquired this goal by always giving top priority to quality product, quality service and strict deadline approach.

Extending its product range in brass and zamak manufacturing every passing year, KSR Metal has adopted it as a principle to provide more comprehensive service to its customers along with its expert sales team and technical team.

Experienced in conducting the sales and follow up of products to agency companies and exporting companies along with all mock-up and data sheet forms, our company also continues to export its own manufactured products under the assurance of Oeke-tex 100 standard certificates of quality to various countries.


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